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Overall, Amazon Sellers Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Time on Their Amazon Businesses to Be Successful. 57% Spend Fewer Than 20 Hours Per Week Doing so, and 13% Spend Just Over 30 Minutes Each Day.




Educate yourself, motivate yourself, and get your Amazon FBA business started today.

Join our step by step signature Amazon FBA Course Profit Blackboard today and profit from the most massive wealth opportunity of our lifetime by selling on the most profitable marketplace in the world,


Profit Blackboard is one of the world’s most current and comprehensive FBA online training programs that shows you how to set up, start, and scale your very own profitable business by leveraging the power of Amazon.

All lessons are in video format so you can see exactly how it’s all done and follow along step by step.

Join today and get access to 7 modules of 100+ how-to videos packed with instant actionable information every step of the way.

By joining Profit Blackboard, you will take the first step in achieving your life dream of total financial freedom!

The Profit Blackboard inspires your “inner entrepreneur” with time proven and successful brand building strategies to elevate you to an elite level in your personal life while exploding your Amazon business.

The entire course is presented by top Amazon sellers, Shirine Hegazi and Amira Hegazi, who are also full time Amazon FBA professionals and have been for over 8 years.

They will show you exactly how and where to start an Amazon FBA business from scratch, even if you have zero business experience.



With the All-New Profit Blackboard…

You’ll learn:

The most practical and easy to follow new strategies working consistently
today to find the best and most profitable product sourcing opportunities.

The exact keywords to focus on when launching your product and setting up your storefront.


You’ll get:

  • Welcome Module + 6 Content Packed Modules on PB YouTube Channel
  • 100 + Step by Step Training Videos on PB YouTube Channel
  • Lifetime Access To All Modules
  • Lifetime Access To All Updates

Much Much More!

The brand new strategies in this course are ONLY available to Profit Blackboard members and give you an UNFAIR head start and EXCLUSIVE access to information 99% of other Amazon sellers don’t have.

With our newest training and brand building strategies we can almost guarantee profitability and success if you apply the step by step details you learn inside the course.

We created Profit Blackboard so you can secure a future for you and your family

Most people are used to the business model of working for a business. What we’re going to teach you is how to build a business that works for YOU, 24-7 ‘round the clock.

We help you create a stream of income that you can control so you can get out of the corporate rat race as fast as you can.

You must prioritize investing in you. The only person that can make you successful is you. Take ownership of your life.

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have and the way you leverage it can inspire you or it could even completely crush your business.

Stop letting your potential go to waste because you’re not confident or because you’re always waiting for the dominos to fall in place at “the perfect time”.

There is no perfect time, the time is now. People with a fraction of your talent are making some serious noise while you’re waiting to be ready.

Our promise to you is that we will deliver and give you everything you need to build the business of your dreams and finally change your life.

More Than Half of Amazon’s $297 Billion Revenue
in 2021 Was Fueled By its Third-Party Sellers.

The Time for You is NOW to Leverage
The World’s Largest Retail Platform to Build Your Business.


In March of 2021, we launched our first product on Amazon. In our first 12 months, we sold over $528,000 in products!

We were able to take our first vacation in almost 3 years including our first ever trip for our kids to Disney World. We’re so grateful for the success that Profit Blackboard set us up for and we are recommending this course to all our friends and family.

– Adriana M.

Profit Blackboard has changed my life in so many ways that I really don’t know where to start. I have now a surging business with real products selling on many different platforms (in addition to Amazon) that I would have never thought possible all because we started this business. I highly recommend you join Profit Blackboard to experience this life changing experience for yourself, you can’t go wrong if you follow half of what Shirine and Amira teach. They are so good!.

– Manuel H.

I’m a single dad and had a limited fixed income at my day job with tons of bills I could barely keep up with. From rent to childcare and normal living expenses, I thought I was hitting rock bottom. I learned about Profit Blackboard from a friend of mine and am so glad I joined their YouTube Channel. I began turning a profit within the same year. This has really changed my and my son’s life and I’ve never been happier.

– Josh G.

Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

What Do These Things Mean To You:

1. You Can Work From Anywhere

How about on the beach in Mexico? While sipping a Cappuccino in a Paris Café? Or maybe simply just at home? Yes, it’s entirely possible. But, it’s about working where ever you want to be. No more cubicles. No more boardrooms. When you can access everything online, the options are endless.

2. No More Boss To Report To

You know that feeling when you get an email from your boss super late at night when you’re trying to catch up on Game of Thrones? Yeah, that goes away when you are your own boss!

One of the most rewarding things about being your own boss is knowing that you make every decision. You decide when to work, when to get your Netflix on, and ultimately how successful you’re going to be.

3. You Can Work In Your PJ’s

When you work from home, all stress is eliminated from trying to get ready in the morning, decisions about what to wear, and worrying about if you’ll wake up too late to make it to work on time.

4. Unlimited Earning Potential

Working for yourself means setting your own goals and levels of success. You are responsible for your own income, which means no more paychecks, but it also means your income isn’t limited by a corporate structure or decided by another authority.

5. Creative Freedom

If you’ve ever had a unique or original idea at a corporate job to ultimately have it shot down by your boss or anyone superior, you know how frustrating that can be.

If not, there are usually thick bureaucratic layers to jump through and several people filing that idea down before it becomes a reality.

In the end, it may not even feel like your idea.

With your own Amazon product, you can actually build something from scratch, brand it yourself and market it to customers in your own, creative way.

6. A Healthier Lifestyle

When you work at home, you aren’t committed to the same cube all day. You can work on a standing desk or sit on an exercise ball.

This enables you to go for a walk or run at any time of the day or workout at the gym in the middle of the day when you can have the place to yourself!

7. More Time For The More Important Things

Entrepreneurs with growing families are starting businesses selling physical products on Amazon to spend more time with their families. Working from home means you have the flexibility to pick your children up from school, daycare, or eliminate the crazy cost of daycare altogether!

8. No More Commuting

The average American spends an hour everyday sitting in traffic going to and from work. When your office is in your house, you’re commute might just be to another room in your house.

9. Take Care Of Yourself

Have you ever put off scheduling a doctor or dentist appointment that you know you can only get during the week because you’d have to take time off work?

Never EVER compromise your health or put it on hold. When you have control of your own time, you will not be forced to delay an important medical appointment for yourself or a loved one.

10. You Can Start Today

When you launch your own business, it starts from the minute you make that decision ON YOUR OWN. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval. You don’t need to hold any meetings.

You can just take a leap of faith go for it. If all these things mean something to you and you’re ready for a new venture where you have full control of your life, this is where your journey starts.

Why Profit Blackboard over other Online Web Programs?

Profit Blackboard helps to solve the 9-5 problem for millions of people

Shirine and Amira have a ton of entrepreneurial experience and will help you escape the trap of Corporate America. Now is the best time in HISTORY to build a business selling products online that people want and need. The Profit Blackboard teaches you how to discover and sell these products and regain control of your life and live one with an abundance of time and freedom. How would it feel to NEVER have to commute again? How would it feel to FINALLY control your own income? How would it feel to have enough time to travel, spend MORE time with your family, and take care of your health? The Profit Blackboard can help you fire your boss and solve these problems for you.

We teach exactly what we do everyday

All the information you’ll learn inside the Profit Blackboard comes from our 7 years of experience selling on We show you exactly what is making us a ton of profit and what has dramatically changed our and many of our students’ lives.

You’ll learn the exact steps on how to start a business

We will show you the exact steps to take financially and legally to protect your business, your products, and your personal assets.

We show you how to guarantee profit

The Profit Blackboard is all about its name-PROFIT. We show you how to present your offer to Amazon customers by building a World Class Product Detail Page that will flood your listing with buyers and allow you charge a premium for your products.

Our training is one of world’s best

The fact of the matter is that in this business of selling physical products on Amazon, there are many steps you must follow in an exact certain sequence to protect your business and assets, minimize your risk for getting your Amazon seller account banned, and ultimately take advantage of all the opportunities and resources the Amazon FBA platform has to offer. We are the ONLY course in the world today teaching that exact sequence to set you up for maximum profitability.

More than 190,000 Amazon 3rd Party sellers surpassed
$100,000.00 in annual sales in 2021





There has been a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in all communities regarding the state of the us economy recently which has affected and changed so many peoples’ lives.

Millions of people lost their jobs and lost their income while a record number of people filed for unemployment in the last 12 months.

This has always been a factor of not having complete control of one’s own time and circumstances and we’re here today to tell you there’s a better way to get that control back.

We’ve been selling on for the past 8 years and have spent the last 12 months putting together the most powerful and actionable information available today about starting and scaling a wildly profitable business selling physical products on Amazon.

You’ll be the very first to see this as The Profit Blackboard teaches the most current information on all changes to the Amazon selling platform this past year alone as a result of the Pandemic.

We have it all.

In The Last 2 Years, About Half of The Entire World’s Online
Sales Transactions Happened on Amazon.

So The Trend Is Going Up and The Time To Get In Is Now!


See Course Outline Below

This Brand New 6 Module Web Class is the most updated, action-guided online Amazon course available today and is designed for entrepreneurs with all levels of experience.

Those with little to NO PRIOR BUSINESS EXPERIENCE will also find this course instrumental in building a reliably profitable Amazon Business.

With all our little known and up to date selling tactics and strategies, you can build the life of your dreams FASTER than you ever thought possible and finally get your life back!

Our program and philosophies are honest and legitimate methods to build a long-lasting and sustainable business.

This is not a get rich quick operation and will require hard work and focus to initially set up your business and processes.

This course will do NOTHING for you if you do not dedicate the time and effort to systematically follow all the course steps outlined for you.

We know that you’re inspired and ready to fulfill your dreams and get your life back and we’ll be here to support you unconditionally every step of the way.




Below Is The Outline And Description Of All The Profit Blackboard Modules And Online Classes



  • Welcome To Our Journey And Your New Business – Welcome Message From Shirine And Amira About Taking First Steps In Your New Business
  • Reality Check: Get Ready To Think Big – Understand The Massive Opportunity Of This Real Business And What It Takes To Build Your Dream Life
  • Overview Of The Profit Blackboard And Looking Head – Highlight Of All 8 Modules Walking You Step By Step Through How To Set Up, Start, Build And Ultimately Scale Your Physical Products Business For Maximum Profitability And Exposure On Amazon.Com And Beyond.
  • Why Amazon – Learn How Some Of Amazon’s Own Internal Programs Like Prime And Fullfillment By Amazon Will Literally Give You The Best Chance To Put Your Product In Front Of The Most People Possible On The Internet.
  • Insiders’ Look On Achieving Success: Breaking The Cycle – Learn Why Focusing On Brand Building Will Give You An Inevitable And Secure Advantage When It Comes To Scaling Your Business
  • Setting Up Your Business And Legal Entity I – Introduction To Setting Up Your Business
  • Setting Up Your Business And Legal Entity II – Choosing The Right Business And Legal Entity To Protect Your Business And Your Assets
  • Selling On The USA Marketplace – Selling On The Largest And Most Diverse Platform In The Entire World.
  • How To Sell On Amazon If You Live Outside The US – How To Sell And Get Paid By Amazon If You Live Outside The US
  • Understanding The Amazon Regulatory Landscape – Adapting And Complying With Amazon’s Terms Of Service
  • Intro To Seller Central – Learn About The 2 Types Of Seller Central Accounts To Consider Opening For Maximum Profitability
  • Amazon Seller Central Account Guidelines – Learn How To Streamline The Seller Registration Process And Avoid Critical Mistakes While Registering
  • Seller Identity Verification – Discover All The Various Documentation And Information You’ll Need During The Seller Central Registration Process
  • Setting Up Your Seller Central Account – Learn The Exact Steps To Open Your Seller Central Account In No Time



  • The Power Of Private Labeling – See How You Can Get A Generic Product Made With Your Own Logo To Sell On Amazon and Beyond
  • Branding Your Private Label Products – Learn How To Have A Brand Strategy In Place Before You Start Your Amazon Business
  • How To Build Your Brand On Amazon – Creating Your Own Customer Base That Will Stick With You As Your Business Grows
  • Brand Loyalty And The Psychology Of Branding – Generate A Strong Customer Base That Chooses To Be Faithful To Your Brand
  • Amazon Restricted Categories – Breaking Down All Of Amazon’s Restrictions And How That Might Impact Your First Product Choice
  • Caution Products and Opportunistic Categories – What types of products you should take caution with and our personal favorites
  • Your Winning Product Picking Strategy – The 7 Core Selection Criteria Of The Profit Success Funnel
    And How To Establish Product Demand
  • Determining Your Product’s Market Share – How To Differentiate Your Product And Assess It’s Level Of Competition
  • Determining Product Profitability – How To Make Sure You Evaluate All Factors That Determine Your Product’s Net Profit
  • Amazon FBA Fees Explained – The Fees You’re Responsible For When Using The Fulfillment By Amazon Program
  • Product Profitability using FBA Calculator – How To Use The Amazon FBA Calculator To Verify The Profitability Of Your Product
  • Google Trends and Product Seasonality -Verifying The Longevity And Sustainability Of Your Product
  • Product Sourceability and Salability – Learn How To Search To See If A Supplier Can Bring Your Product To The Amazon Market
  • Deep Product Research on Amazon – Refining Your Product Opportunities Worksheet
  • Narrowing Down the Field to Your Winning Product – Learn How To Choose The Final Few Products That Meet All The Criteria Of The Profit Success Funnel
  • Creating The Perfect Brand Name – Discover How To Create A Strong Brand Identity People Will Remember And Resonate With
  • Simple Patent And Trademark Search – Make Sure You Are Not Infringing On Someone Else’s Patent Or Trademark
  • Trademarking Your Brand – Sell Products Under Your Own Brand And Make Sure You Comply With Amazon’s Intellectual Property Policy
  • Amazon’s IP Accelerator – Quickly Obtain Intellectual Property (IP) Rights And Brand Protection In Amazon’s Stores
  • Amazon Brand Registry – Protect Your Registered Trademarks On Amazon And Create An Accurate And Trusted Experience For Customers



  • Creating an Unforgettable Logo– See Why Having A Memorable Logo Design Establishes Your Brand Identity
  • Setting Up Your Own Professional Website – See Why Wix Is Used By Over 100 Million People Across 190 Different Countries
  • Setting Up Your Wix Website Step By Step – Learn All The Intuitive Drag And Drop Features Of Wix’s Website Builder As We Help You Build Your Website Step By Step
  • Building Your Facebook Business Page – How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 7 Easy Steps
  • Key Terms For Sourcing Products – Learn The Key Terms You Need To Understand And Be Familiar With When Dealing With Suppliers And Purchasing Products
  • Where to Start with Manufacturers – Discover The Right Place To Search When Looking To Purchase Your Products
  • Sourcing From Usa Part I – How To Go About Your Search For A Supplier In The USA
  • Sourcing From Usa Part II – Learn How To Use Google To Find Suppliers In The US
  • Sourcing From Usa Part III – How To Go About Your Search For A Supplier In The USA
  • USA Supplier Contact Part I – Learn The First Part Reaching Out With Potential Suppliers In The Us
  • USA Supplier Contact Part II – Discover Our Proven Template Of Questions Covering Everything You Need To Ask Potential Suppliers
  • Why Source From China – See Why Producing Products Abroad Enables Your Business To Have Strong Margins
  • Finding Chinese Suppliers Through Ali-Baba I – Setting Up Your Profile On The World’s Largest Online Supplier Resource
  • Finding Chinese Suppliers Through Ali-Baba II – Learn The Differences Between A Good And Bad Supplier And How To Choose The Right One
  • Ordering Samples From Verified Suppliers – Test Your Supplier’s Production And Quality



  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Samples
  • Negotiating Supplier Payment Terms – Learn How To Build A Long Lasting Professional Relationship With Your Supplier Where Both Sides Are Happy
  • Negotiating Email Templates For Chinese Suppliers – The Exact Negotiating Tactics We Use With Chinese Suppliers
  • Main Keywords for Your Canonical URL – Get your product indexed by Google by creating your Canonical URL inside of Seller Central
  • How to get the right legal UPC Codes for Amazon – How To Tell The Difference And When To Use Them
  • Initial Amazon Product Listing Part 1 – Learn How To Set Up An Initial Rough Draft Of Your Product Detail Page
  • Initial Amazon Product Listing Part 2
  • Preparing For Your First Inventory Order – How To Confirm And Finalize Important Details With Your Supplier About Your Product And Product Packaging
  • Customs Duty and HTS Codes – Check Out How Much Customs Duty You Will Be Liable To Pay When Selecting A Product To Import, So That You Don’t Commit To An Unprofitable Purchase Agreement
  • Product Packaging Design And Inserts – How To Confirm And Finalize Information Inside Your Package And Package Design
  • How Much Inventory Should You Order – Learn The Right Amount Of Inventory To Order To Avoid Unnecessary Storage Fees And Be Profitable
  • Quality Control And Onsite Inspections In China – Learn Step By Step How To Keep Your Supplier Accountable For Quality And Timeliness
  • Importance of Commercial Invoice– Critical Purchase Order Checklist That You Should Go Over Before Placing Your Order With A Supplier
  • Establishing Supplier Payment Terms
  • Placing and Paying for Your Order From Us Supplier
  • Placing Your Order From Chinese Supplier
  • Chinese Holidays and Production Planning– Know When China’s Major Holidays are So You Can Plan Accordingly For Production So Your Products Are Not Delayed



  • Introduction To Freight And International Shipping – Shipping Options And Costs To Consider
  • Freight Forwarders -Don’t Try To Do It Yourself – Learn How To Hire Professional Help To Arrange Your Storage, Shipping And Customs Clearance
  • Delivering Imports To Amazon Fulfillment Centers – See How Customs Brokers Can Prepare And File The Necessary Customs Entries, Arrange For The Payment Of Duties Owed, Arrange For The Release Of Goods From CBP Custody, And Otherwise Represent Importers In Customs Matters
  • Requesting A Freight Quote – Learn Step By Step All The Information Needed And Exactly How To Use That Information To Request A Freight Quote
  • Before You Ship Checklist – Discover All The Elements Needed To Ensure Your Product’s Readiness For Shipping
  • Best Shipping Options – Learn The Three Freight Modes (Express, Air And Ocean) For Importing Shipments Together With Guidance On How To Choose Which Mode Is Best For Your Shipment
  • Protecting Your Shipment with Cargo Insurance – Learn The Range Of Available Cargo Insurance For Your Shipment
  • Freight And Shipping – Getting Your Product Back Home – Learn About The Key Players In The Freight Industry, The Basic Jargon You’ll Need To Get By, Customs Processes And The Shipping Process, From Pickup To Delivery.
  • Stages Of Import Process – Discover Step By Step All Your Responsibilities As The Importer Of Your Shipment, From Beginning To End
  • Customs Process – Learn The 3 Major Players Involved With Customs Filing And Clearance
  • Amazon Shipping Plan 1 – The Step By Step Process To Create An Amazon Shipping Plan When You’re Ready To Send Inventory To Amazon



  • Amazon Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Keyword Research– the secret to optimizing Amazon product pages to show up at the top of page one search results
  • Setting Up For Your Master Keyword Research – Step By Step Documentation Of All The Relevant Keywords For Your Product
  • Keyword Types – Learn How To Understand What People Are Searching For Why
  • Reverse ASIN Search using Cerebro from Helium 10 – find out what keywords your competitors are targeting by performing reverse ASIN searches
  • Deeper Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner – How To Conduct Deeper Keyword Research Using The Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Extract Ad-On Modifiers For Deep Analysis – Pruning Your Initial Keyword List, Finding Modifiers And Getting Into Some Deeper Analysis
  • Search for Additional Modifiers– How To Look For More Modifiers Using Amazon Instant Search
  • Long Tail Keywords – Finding more modifiers and informational queries from customers
  • Expand and Verify Search Volume – verify which keywords have high enough search volume on Amazon
  • How to Identify Which Amazon Keywords to Target – sort your keywords by volume and analyze
  • Amazon Product Listing Optimization Checklist– craft your product page in a way that’s going to attract buyers quickly and easily
  • Writing Your Fully Optimized Amazon Listing Part 1 order your most relevant keywords by search volume
  • Writing Your Fully Optimized Amazon Listing Part 2 – where to place your top keywords and how often to use them
  • Amazon Subject Matter Fields
  • Amazon Backend Search Terms
  • Product Images Best Practices – Inspire Your Customers To Click On Your Listing With Stunning Images That Captivate Their Attention And Motivates Them To Buy
  • Images With Your IPhone Or Android – How To Use Your Smartphone To Capture High Quality Product Images
  • Vector Images– See Another Way To Have Product Images Created For Your Amazon Listings Called 3D Rendering
  • Professional Amazon Product Photography– Hiring A Professional Photographer To Create Your Images For You
  • Competitive Marketplace Pricing for Success– Price Your Product For Maximum Profitability And Profits



*These results may not be typical. Some members after following every step in
The Profit Blackboard, make little to no profit.